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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lynda's Images And Words 213 ~ Animals : Both Great Or Small ~

Images And Words 213 ~ Animals : Both Great Or Small ~ 

Welcome to Images And Words Week 213 And Our Theme is -
Animals: Both Great Or Small
Milli is our host
 The horse continues to amaze me.  At a roping, it stands in the chute all tense and ready to go, as the calf leaves (it gets a head start, 10 seconds added to their time if rider/horse leave too quick), the horse goes from a stand still to a full run.  When the riders ropes the calf the horse goes from a full run to a sliding stop to aid the rider to dismount the moving horse, run to the calf and tie it.  Fastest time wins.
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Yesterday I attended a local roping.  A memorial roping to raise money for scholarships.  Grandsons and friends were entered.  Decided it was a perfect time to try out the new lens in an outdoor action packed activity.  We parked on the north side of the arena (so north wind would blow dust away from me), backed up to the fence and I sat up "shop" in the back of the pickup, sitting on the extra fuel tank/tool box, new lens on camera (80-400mm), tripod, and started experimenting. Started out with automatic setting but changed to the scene sports setting.  Kept it that way for the remainder of the even.  Photo is one of the Grandsons.  The other grandson was 3rd in the average.  Each person got 3 runs and then the top ropers came back for the short go.