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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Moving to Address Unknown

Address Unknown!!!!!!

Not real sure where home will be but here is where I am doing some test sites.  Let me know where you are.  most of my things are set to friends only but a few open if anyone would like to take a look at Muzenews.  It's a brand new still in the works site.  High hopes for this one.  is my Facebook site.  Mainly for friends that I know, relatives and friends through our activities but since making lists, I can separate who all these folks are.  So now I have a list just for Multiply friends.  If you ask me to be a friend, be sure and say it's _____ from Multiply.  is currently open but will be closed to readers only this week.  Blog Spot does not offer post by post privacy choices.  I will need email addresses if you wish to be a reader.  is my Little Joe stories.  Readers only.  is for my Picture Perfect entries.  All my PP entries are on this site and it is open. is for my Images and Words entries.  All my I&W's are on this site.  Most of my more recent things are here.  Have archived some of the older Multiply things too.  Privacy is determined by each entry instead of the whole site which I like.  
I have kept open these sites but not using them except to keep up with some who are there and/or just testing the sites:
.....  I think this site is still in the works, have not deleted my account yet, still waiting to see how it turns out.  I will keep this site but probably will not use it to post.  Some organizations, friends, and others are there.  I find it more difficult to even find my things but have not had time to explore that much.  have not deleted this site yet.
My favorite is still here on Multiply!  I will miss this site so much. 
So until we meet again --- Happy Trails to You.
Let me know where you are --   

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lynda's By the Seashore: I&W's # 186

Images & Words - By the Seashore -186

Not much water around here.  
How about a creek instead of the sea?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Rockin' Heart Ranch: Images & Words - Arts & Crafts #185

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Images & Words Week 185 - Arts & Craft

Dressage is considered the highest form of horse training.  Yesterday I was able to audit a dressage clinic and was given permission to take photos.  The instructor (from Florida) is a high level instructor and this photo was taken during her demonstration performance.  It was beautiful to watch. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hidden Treasures #183 Theme

Images & Words # 183: Hidden Treasures

Just a little out of the box for some 
but normal around here at the Rockin' Heart.  

Background info:  

Colt, Russ' 9 year old palomino that he has owned since Colt was weaned from his dam is scared of the stuffed plastic black and white calf that is hung on cables.  It is remote controlled to go back and forth to teach a horse how to rate and work a cow without having the expense of buying and taking care of cattle.  The nick name for this calf is Colt's Monster

Russ is working with Colt with the goal for Colt to over come his fear of the monster.  In this photo Colt is at liberty in a 54 foot round pen but is following behind Russ --- using Russ as a shield from the monster but yet trusting Russ enough to stay with him.  So trust and the bond between Russ and Colt is the hidden treasure in this photo that was taken Saturday November 3, 2012.   

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